Mac OS X "rsync: unpack_smb_acl: sys_acl_get_info(): Unknown error: 0 (0)"

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Sun Apr 11 20:55:14 MDT 2010

Description of problem : 

On a Mac OS X system when rsync attempts to preserve ACL's for a user who is not on the system for a file system object, there is no report of which directories/file(s) were unable to have the ACL's preserved.

Procedure to reproduce the problem :

The procedure listed below should allow you to reproduce the problem on a Mac OS X system with ACL support :

  (1) compile a version of rsync using the instructions at the URL below : 
  (2) create a temporary user on your system called "test"
  (3) # mkdir /tmp/testing_rsync_acl_error_reporting
  (4) # cd /tmp/testing_rsync_acl_error_reporting
  (5) # touch file
  (6) # chmod +a "test allow write" file
  (7) remove the user called "test" created earlier from your system
  (8) # /path/to/rsync --acls file file_copy

You should see the following output quoted output provided you are running rsync 3.0.7 : 

> rsync: unpack_smb_acl: sys_acl_get_info(): Unknown error: 0 (0)
> rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1042) [sender=3.0.7]

What happens next :

If any one is aware of an approach to configure rsync to report the files it has problems with preserving ACL information for, then please let me know.

If you believe that this is an rsync bug and are able to verify this then let me know and I will happily log a bug.

Thank you to rsync developers and contributors :

Regardless of this potential bug, rsync is doing a great job of preserving Mac OS X meta-data. Although, I have seen other situations related to the link-dest option where rsync fails to preserve Mac OS X meta-data. Overall, rsync is doing a great job! I wish to thank everyone who has been involved with making this possible. Thank you!


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