DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7349] Add --limit-time=<seconds> and --fit-time=[seconds] options

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Sun Apr 11 04:32:43 MDT 2010

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An additional option, which requires --limit-time (and optionally --fit-time)
as well as --bwlimit to be set accurately to the expected minimum available

--delay-start=<seconds> which would delay starting of the actual transfer by up
to the specified amount of time if it is expected to then complete before

If --fit-time is specified, the transfer should also be slowed down if it will
complete within the given time.

Bandwidth between 18:00 and 09:00 is "off peak", and between 02:00 and 06:00 is
"night". Ideally transfers should complete during "night" but may use all of
the "off peak" period. The actual size of the transfer varies from day to day.

Run rsync with --limit-time=54000 --fit-time=14400 --bwlimit=200
--delay-start=28800. The limit is 15 hours (the "off peak" period), but the
transfer may be delayed by up to 8 hours (bringing it to 02:00) if it would
still complete by 09:00. Based on the bandwidth limit set, if the transfer
could be completed by 06:00 at a slower rate, the bandwidth would be
dynamically reduced as in the original proposal.

If the transfer would not finish by 09:00 when starting at 02:00 it would
adjust the start delay backwards, e.g. to 01:00 or 18:00 if necessary or there
is too much data.

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