rsync: effective dealing with moved files ?

tte at tte at
Fri Apr 9 12:29:10 MDT 2010


I have a file system rsync'ed to a remote location where over time
a lot of files continuously get renamed/moved on the source. I have
not seen any way for rsync to recognize this situation correctly so
as to avoid having to re-copy those files but instead renaming/moving
them on the target filesystem only as well. Such a functionality would be
highly appreciated! What's the best recommended way today to support this ?


I have file ssytems copied by other means than rsync resulting in the
M-time of the destination to be newer than on the source. I have not been
able to figure out a way to tell rsync to update the modification
times of the destination without copying over all those files
again. Eg: When i use '-c', it will determine the files are identical
but it will not update (reset to source) the times. Is there an option
to do this ?

Thanks a lot

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