osx 10.6 strange rsync errors

Robert DuToit rdutoit at comcast.net
Wed Apr 7 05:38:45 MDT 2010

On Apr 7, 2010, at 5:59 AM, carson+rsync at taltos.org wrote:

> Robert DuToit wrote:
>> On Apr 6, 2010, at 9:14 AM, Benjamin R. Haskell wrote:
>>> On Mon, 5 Apr 2010, Robert DuToit wrote:
>>>> Hi Matt,
>>>> I set up a simple test with a nest of directories ( aa > bb > cc
>>>>> dd &ee) with 1 file in each.  running rsync from OS 10.6 to
>>>> another Mac with OS10.5 there seems to be no problem. When doing
>>>> the reverse I am seeing the odd behavior.
>>>> Below is the log from running the options
>>>> -aHAXN --fileflags --force-change -stats -vvv
> Please specify _exactly_ how you're building rsync. Those options don't exist without applying some extra patches. I can't replicate the problem with stock rsync, which means it's either a problem with the patches, or I'm not triggering the bug properly.

The basic OSX patches which are 

   patch -p1 <patches/fileflags.diff
   patch -p1 <patches/crtimes.diff
   ./configure                      (optional if already run)

as I said before this is a problem on OS 10.6.3 and rsync 3.0.6 and seems to also happen with rsync 3.0.7 and the Apple rsync as reported from users. I imagine the same applies to 3.0.7 since there is nothing in the change log there that I can see affecting this behavior on OSX.That said I will repeat my experiment with a new build of 3.0.7 with above patches and without. I'll get back to you a bit later with results.

> Can you replicate this without a 10.5 box?

Users are all on 10.6 and having the errors. I am only using 10.5 to copy over to my 10.6 box because the old laptop is not intel (no 10.6 possible). But user reports and my test show no issues with earlier OS and its seems that the new release of 10.6.3 is the trouble. 10.6.2 seems ok for users.

> Can you replicate it with Apple's rsync? Unpatched 3.0.7 rsync? Patched 3.0.7 rsync? Nightly snapshot? I really don't want to spend time investigating an old release, and I need to be able to reproduce the problem before I can help fix it.
> I have 10.6 and OpenSolaris easily at hand to test with, but no 10.5 boxes.
>> I checked out dtrace (OSX version of strace) but it seems a bit
>> complicated and I don't know how to use it yet. If anyone has maybe
>> they can let me know.
> sudo dtruss -f /path/to/rsync --whatever src dest 2>/tmp/mydtrusslog
> should dump all the syscalls into /tmp/mydtrusslog

I'll give it a try

Thanks, Rob

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