osx 10.6 strange rsync errors

carson+rsync at taltos.org carson+rsync at taltos.org
Wed Apr 7 03:59:10 MDT 2010

Robert DuToit wrote:
 > On Apr 6, 2010, at 9:14 AM, Benjamin R. Haskell wrote:
 >> On Mon, 5 Apr 2010, Robert DuToit wrote:
 >>> Hi Matt,
 >>> I set up a simple test with a nest of directories ( aa > bb > cc
 >>> > dd &ee) with 1 file in each.  running rsync from OS 10.6 to
 >>> another Mac with OS10.5 there seems to be no problem. When doing
 >>> the reverse I am seeing the odd behavior.
 >>> Below is the log from running the options
 >>> -aHAXN --fileflags --force-change -stats -vvv

Please specify _exactly_ how you're building rsync. Those options don't 
exist without applying some extra patches. I can't replicate the problem 
with stock rsync, which means it's either a problem with the patches, or 
I'm not triggering the bug properly.

Can you replicate this without a 10.5 box? Can you replicate it with 
Apple's rsync? Unpatched 3.0.7 rsync? Patched 3.0.7 rsync? Nightly 
snapshot? I really don't want to spend time investigating an old 
release, and I need to be able to reproduce the problem before I can 
help fix it.

I have 10.6 and OpenSolaris easily at hand to test with, but no 10.5 boxes.

 > I checked out dtrace (OSX version of strace) but it seems a bit
 > complicated and I don't know how to use it yet. If anyone has maybe
 > they can let me know.

sudo dtruss -f /path/to/rsync --whatever src dest 2>/tmp/mydtrusslog

should dump all the syscalls into /tmp/mydtrusslog


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