DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7321] Extend "p" filter modifier to make source dirs prunable

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Fri Apr 2 16:56:47 MDT 2010

------- Comment #1 from matt at  2010-04-02 17:56 CST -------
This is a new incarnation of my proposal a while ago for a "traverse" sender
filter action:

Some things I neglected to mention:

- On second thought, overloading the "p" modifier is probably a bad idea
because it becomes complicated to ensure that a client receiver will fail if
the sender is too old to understand the new semantics.  What would be another
appropriate letter for the prunable modifier?  "m", after --prune-empty-dirs,
would conflict with my filter-attrs patch (bug 6197).

- At first, the prunable modifier would not work with incremental recursion. 
(That could be improved later as a separate enhancement.)  If a prunable filter
is found during parse_arguments, incremental recursion would simply be
disabled.  Otherwise, we count on the user to pass --no-i-r.  If a run with
incremental recursion is already underway and a prunable filter is found in a
per-dir merge file, rsync would ignore the modifier with an FERROR_XFER.

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