weak checksum

Julian Pace Ross linux at prisma.com.mt
Mon Sep 28 01:25:09 MDT 2009

OK.. didn't notice adler32 wasn't rolling... The reason I was asking is
this is from the rsync code:
/* a non-zero CHAR_OFFSET makes the rolling sum stronger, but is
   incompatible with older versions :-( */
#define CHAR_OFFSET 0

Anyone knows exactly what an ideal value for CHAR_OFFSET is?


2009/9/24 Julian Pace Ross <linux at prisma.com.mt>

> Hi,
> I'm curious if anybody knows the exact reason why the weak checksum
> calculation is slightly different to the standard adler-32 checksum as seen
> for example here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adler-32 ?
> Thanks
> Julian
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