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------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2009-09-20 16:02 CST -------
Yeah, the way things currently work when rsync is deleting files as it goes
(ala --delete-during) when pulling files (but not when pushing or making a
local transfer), it is the generator that is outputting messages about what got
deleted, and the receiver outputting messages about what got transferred, and
this can cause the messages to intermix in strange ways.  It would be possible
to modify protocol 31 to allow a MSG_DELETED to be sent to the sender when it
is on the serving side, and have it forward the message on to the receiver, and
then make the receiver output about the deletion.  That would make the output
correct.  I will consider such a change for 3.1.0.  If someone would like to
look into that, feel free to attach a patch to this bug.

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