Limit rsync running time

tevfik at tevfik at
Thu Sep 17 08:07:54 MDT 2009

Rsync has a 'time-limit' patch with following options:

--stop-at=y-m-dTh:m     Stop rsync at year-month-dayThour:minute
--time-limit=MINS       Stop rsync after MINS minutes have elapsed


> Hi
> I'd like to rsync a large amount of data over a slow connection,
> but only during night hours. I couldn't find a parameter that limits
> the time that rsync is running, only the timeout on idle time.
> I guess the way to go would be to start rsync, get the process
> ID and kill the process later on.
> Has anybody already written a bash script that would do something
> like that? Are there other ways? I don't want to kill all rsync
> processes as there might be other syncs going on.
> Thanks
> bye  Fabi
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