rsync with danish chars in filename

Tomas Norre Mikkelsen at
Thu Sep 17 01:31:42 MDT 2009


I have a Qnap NAS-219 used for storage, i have a Ubuntu 9.04 server
for backup. When rsync between them filenames containing ø have
problemes, the danish chars æ å does not have any problems eventhough
its a special char like æ ø å.

The log files state following:

file has vanished: "/M?deskabelon.doc"

where ? should be ø, and the file is stil at the system, so its not vanished.

The charset on NAS is: en_US.UTF-8
And backup-server is: en_DK.UTF-8

I know there is a difference but in the starting wizard at the nas, it
was the recommended charset used for danish language files.

And the problem had been more understandable if the charset was like:

The charset on NAS is: en_DK.UTF-8
And backup-server is: en_US.UTF-8

then the backup-server should not understand danish special chars like æ ø å.

Hope someone can help me or give me a hint.

Best regards

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