time variable throttling rsync traffic

Andrew Gideon c182driver1 at gideon.org
Sun Sep 13 20:32:53 MDT 2009

On Sun, 13 Sep 2009 22:22:34 -0400, Eric S. Johansson wrote:

>  It is all within one tool and there's no way you can hurt or damage
> anyone else through its use.

It is also within one instance of the tool.  What if two of your remote 
users rsync at the same time?  Twenty?  What if someone has a need for 
low-latency communication at some "odd" hour during which much rsync-ing 
is occurring?

Operating at the level of the network or server provide proper 
allocation, and protection of non-rsync bandwidth, regardless of the 
number of rsync operations occurring at a given time.

	- Andrew

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