originate sync from the daemon server

henri henri at stmargarets.school.nz
Thu Sep 10 22:35:11 MDT 2009

> > is there anything special to do this from the daemon server. I've  
> setup
> > the /etc/rsyncd.conf with some filesystems and I would rather  
> originate
> > (control) my rsyncs from this server and not from the hosts that  
> have
> > the data I want. ie. I want to pull not push.
> Then you don't need to run an rsync daemon on the machine that will be
> collecting the data.  Just have that machine run ordinary rsync client
> commands at the desired interval.

If you are setting up a network based pull backup then you may be  
interested in looking at LBackup : <http://www.lucidsystems.org/tools/lbackup 

LBackup is a wrapper backup system which uses rsync. The advantage of  
using a LBackup is that you will gain incremental backup trees. This  
is useful, should you need to retrieve a file from an old backup.

The latest alpha-release of LBackup includes a command line tool which  
provides the ability to change directory though time. This means you  
can change directory up and down within the backup snapshot and also  
forward and backwards though time (between different backup snapshots)  
this can be handy if you are looking for when a file was deleted or  
added to a file system.

Keep in mind that if you use LBackup to perform a network backup you  
will need to have an SSH server running on the machine you are which  
you are backing up.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

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