originate sync from the daemon server

Kevin Kramer kramer at centtech.com
Thu Sep 10 07:42:34 MDT 2009

is there anything special to do this from the daemon server. I've setup 
the /etc/rsyncd.conf with some filesystems and I would rather originate 
(control) my rsyncs from this server and not from the hosts that have 
the data I want. ie. I want to pull not push.

for instance my rsyncd.conf

comment = www
path = /snaps/www
numeric ids = true
log file = /snaps/rsync/logs/www.log
pid file = /snaps/rsync/logs/www.pid
list = true
uid = root
#post-xfer exec = do rolling zfs snapshot of the fs
read only = false
write only = false

what should my rsync line look like in a cron or command line

/usr/local/bin/rsync -axS --delete --stats servername:/var/www/ www



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