Using rsync for buidling Oracle standbys.

Saibabu Devabhaktuni saibabu_d at
Thu Sep 3 11:25:58 MDT 2009


We currently use rsync to create an Oracle standby on a target box from an existing standby by copying all the datafiles while the source standby is in recovery status. We are occasionally running into datafile corruptions being reported by oracle when it is recovering the new standby. Oracle support says they don't recommend copying files while the changes being applied to them unless the database is put in backup mode (which is not possible for us).

We are using "rsync -av --password-file=pass.secret source_data_file_name oracle at target::ORCL/"

We are planning to use "rsync -av --password-file=pass.secret --block-size=8192 source_data_file_name oracle at target::ORCL/"

This is because, we are using 8k block size for Oracle and hence the blocks will be copied in full by rsync to avoid fractured block copies. Am I correct in this assumption by using "--block-size" option?

Also, is there are option is rsync to keep checking the checksum's at block level, i.e., copy block 1 from host A to host B, calculate checksum at host B and verify that the checksum of same block at host A is also same?

Appreciate any help on this.



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