DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6633] Extended attributes under Solaris are not supported.

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Thu Sep 3 03:18:49 MDT 2009

------- Comment #11 from cavalli at  2009-09-03 04:18 CST -------
(In reply to comment #10)
> Thanks for the write fix.
> The latest code turns a symlink into a file when using --fake-super on a system
> that has NO_SYMLINK_XATTRS defined in config.h.  You can snag that via git or
> the latest nightly tar file.

Thanks for the immediate action, it seems to work as expected, both ways during
backup and restore. Actually now, after some reasoning, I think your solution
of using a file is much cleaner than putting the xattr in the parent dir.

Now I only see an issue in "file browsing". Suppose I want to browse a backup:
I do

rsync -a --rsync-path='... --fake-super' user at host:/backup_dir/

and I see this

lrwxrwxrwx          10 2009/09/03 10:56:44 link-a-dir -> directory/
drwxr-xr-x           3 2009/09/03 10:56:50 directory

So let's cd to "link-a-dir"  I get:

rsync -a --rsync-path='... --fake-super' user at host:/backup_dir/link-a-dir/

rsync: change_dir "/data/cavalli/test/link-a-dir" failed: Not a directory (20)

Actually this is not exactly a real issue, but just a usability improvement...
I don't know if I clearly explained my concern.

Probably this could be even done outside of rsync itself, writing something
like described in rsyncsh.txt...

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