Old versions of lib/addrinfo.h missing from rsync repo

Matt McCutchen matt at mattmccutchen.net
Tue Sep 1 22:32:45 MDT 2009


Today, to investigate an issue on RHEL 5.2, I checked out rsync 2.6.8
from the rsync repository and attempted to build it.  The build failed
because the tagged tree did not contain lib/addrinfo.h, which is
included by rsync.h.  On further investigation, the 2007-10-24 snapshot
of the CVS repository you sent me contains revisions 1.1 through 1.11 of
lib/addrinfo.h with the release-2-6-8 tag on 1.9, but those eleven
revisions are missing from the current CVS repository and the git
repository (which I assume was generated from the CVS).  Why were they
dropped from the development history?  There doesn't appear to be a
copyright issue: the file bears a BSD license.


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