DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6633] Extended attributes under Solaris are not supported.

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Tue Sep 1 00:11:22 MDT 2009

------- Comment #7 from cavalli at  2009-09-01 01:11 CST -------
I do not undestand you point. The last niglty snapshot and also the last git
commit show the same results. Actually I put this line in the code to do some

 ssize_t cnt = read(attrfd, buf + bufpos, buflen - bufpos);
 rsyserr(FERROR_XFER, errno, "read %d bytes, buflen %d",cnt,buflen);

This clearly shows two reads 

rsync: read 13 bytes, buflen 255: Error 0 (0)
rsync: read 0 bytes, buflen 255: Error 0 (0)
rsync: failed to read xattr rsync.%stat for "/data/cavalli/test/.": Error 0 (0)

0 on the second read indicates EOF reached but not early EOF in this case I
think: what is wrong with this reasoning?

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