Operation not supported (95)

Kay lists at coffeehabit.net
Wed Oct 28 12:55:56 MDT 2009

Hi guys,

I'm running into a problem that I'm sure which part of the process 
fails.   I use wget (OSX Leopard, wget 3.0.6 compiled from source) to 
backup my ~/Pictures directory to a linux server, also with wget 3.0.6 
(Debian).  In persuit of being sure I get everything from HFS filesystem 
(resource fork/metadata), I'm getting the following error:

rsync: rsync_xal_set: 
failed: Operation not supported (95)

I have search through the archives and only found this error in what 
seemed to be an error relating to selinux (which I'm not using).  The 
target filesystem is ext3 with acl enabled.  The file is written, but 
obviously setting the extended attributes fail.   I'm using the 
following command:

/usr/local/bin/rsync -avz --xattrs --acls --hard-links --fake-super 
--delete --exclude */Samples/* -e ssh /Users/kay/Pictures 
kay at some.host.tld:/pictures/

I guess the question is two-fold:

1.  Am I expecting something that rsync cannot deliver, i.e. storing the 
HFS+ specific stuff on an EXT3 filesystem? For information sake, the 
same command between two HFS+ filesystems (on the same box) doesn't 
produce any errors.  I was under the impression that the above command 
saves  the metadata/xattrs in a format that rsync can read back and pass 
back to OSX/HFS+

2.  What exactly is the above error telling me? I mean, what is it 
trying to do which isn't supported?


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