strange log values in 3.1

Carlos Carvalho carlos at
Mon Oct 26 20:01:57 MDT 2009

Wayne Davison (wayned at wrote on 25 October 2009 22:33:
 >On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 6:26 PM, Carlos Carvalho <carlos at>wrote:
 >> All files are new. What I find strange is that I'd expect the transfered
 >> bytes to be somewhat larger than the file sizes
 >Yeah, there are two problems.  One was that the %b modifier requires
 >late-logging (after the transfer finishes), and the log-format scanner
 >hadn't been updated to understand apostrophes, so it wouldn't find %'b.  If
 >nothing else triggered the after-the transfer output, you would have seen
 >some constant value (like 0) for every file.  The second issue is the reason
 >you saw several files at 0 followed by some too-big numbers: the %b and %c
 >routines are outputting differences in stats read/written values, and the
 >newest I/O code counts these bytes as they are read/written from/to the
 >socket, so the buffering gets in the way of the per-files stats.
 >I've checked in a fix for the apostrophe issue, and am working up a fix for
 >the per-transfer stats.  Thanks for the report!

I've applied your last two patches by hand (the nightly wasn't updated
until Ter Out 27 01:57:09 UTC 2009?!). It "looks" better, such as
there are no more zeros in the %b column. However I'm not sure it's
completely fixed. Here are some suspicious entries:

%-14'b         %-14'l
4,736          75,684   name
32,420         417,216  other name

Both are for new files, so I wonder how rsync can guess so much about
them without coming from the net.

Also, summing all entries in the second column I get 386.24MB (not
MiB). However rsync says "Total transferred file size: 367.43M bytes"
using -hh. The difference seems too large.

Just remembered I had --fuzzy in the config. Could it be the cause? It
wouldn't explain the difference of the previous paragraph though.

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