bugs in version 3.1

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Sun Oct 25 13:35:31 MDT 2009

Wayne Davison (wayned at samba.org) wrote on 24 October 2009 15:32:
 >On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 2:41 PM, Carlos Carvalho <carlos at fisica.ufpr.br>wrote:
 >> The first is that when running with --files-from and -ii unmodified
 >> files are not put in the log.
 >That is not a logging issue, but rather an early-termination issue due to a
 >protocol problem when speaking protocol 30.
 >> rsync: io.c:990: start_filesfrom_forwarding: Assertion
 >> `(iobuf.out_empty_len != 0)' failed.
 >That bug showed that the --files-from data-shipping code needed to handle a
 >non-multiplexed socket for protocol 29.
 >I did some work on backward-compatibility issues between --files-from and
 >the new I/O code, and I fixed quite a few bugs (both new and old), including
 >the two above.  I think that --files-from should be in good shape now.

Yes, seems to be working. Nice job.

 >Some of my recently fixes were in the area of iconv (including iconv
 >translations of files-from data).  There were a few things I discovered that
 >weren't handled right in all prior versions of rsync that the latest
 >3.1.0dev will now handle correctly (such as properly translating a
 >multi-byte character that spans the end of a read buffer).

I explicitely use --no-iconv so I can't test this. I tested on a tree
that does have multi-byte characters though (with --from0), and it
was compatible with 3.0.6 because it recognized the same names.

Speaking of names, could you add a format escape sequence to log the
inode number? That would be very helpful in dealing with arbitrary
names in logs because we could use the inode instead. There are also
other important uses for inodes with other programs, and it seems to
be quite an easy addition. It'd be particularly useful together with
the new %C.

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