Are there any current, in play plans, to multi-thread rsync?

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Thanks for the update.
We are using rsync to sync up the Oracle archived transaction logs to
our standby databases.
We would like to control the number of files that could be transfered in
Thanks for the update.
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	I am looking for an enhancement to multi-thread or parallelize
	Are there any plans that would allow one to set a parameter,
like 'number_of_threads' and rsync will ship multiple files at the same

Not at present.  That would be a pretty big protocol change, and is
probably something that would be best left to a new-protocol rewrite.
It would be quite interesting to have separate connections for the
hierarchy traversal code versus one or more file transfer connections
that were controlled by the traversal process, but that is not something
that I'm working on, nor have I heard about anyone else doing that. 

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