retrieve files without local dir compare

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Wed Oct 14 05:03:17 MDT 2009

>We receive meteorological data from a remote server to a local directory
>(every 5 min).
>If the data is here, it is imported by a special software, after the
>import it will be deleted from that directory. The deleting can't be disabled.
>Normally I would say, ok download all again, but we get 80GB data per day.
>If rsync compares the local dir it will download all again, because it's empty.
>So rsync has to know what is already downloaded, and only get the new
>files WITHOUT the dir compare.
>Does anybody know a way how to realize that?

One way: keep a local copy which rsync can update. Therefore only the new
or changed files will get transferred. Then from this (e.g. from the rsync output)
copy the new files into a separate folder where they will be imported from (and

Another way: As Paul mentioned you first need to find out the files to copy,
e.g. have a remote script that gathers all new files into a textfile. Then you
first get this file and then feed it into rsync with --files-from.

I thought there was a way to tell rsync to only sync files from a specific
period (as cp can do) but I couldn't find it, maybe not possible.

bye  Fabi

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