retrieve files without local dir compare

Marc Mertes mertes at
Wed Oct 14 03:36:03 MDT 2009

Hi everybody,
I have a question about a special way to use rsync.
Is it possible to use rsync for retrieving files without a local dir
There for rsync needs to know in a catalog or logfile what was already

Why I need that:
We receive meteorological data from a remote server to a local directory
(every 5 min).
If the data is here, it is imported by a special software, after the
import it will be deleted from that directory. The deleting can't be
Normally I would say, ok download all again, but we get 80GB data per day.

If rsync compares the local dir it will download all again, because it's
So rsync has to know what is already downloaded, and only get the new
files WITHOUT the dir compare.
Does anybody know a way how to realize that?

Til today we are doing this with ftp, but it's very unstable and not
working good, so I would like to
do this with rsync - if possible.

thanks and regards marc

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