gnu --target-dir, how to fake with rsync?

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at
Sat Oct 10 07:54:25 MDT 2009

On 10.10.2009 13:33, Andrew Gideon wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 00:22:11 -0400, Sam wrote:
> > As far as I know it's still there
> That's what I thought.  So what is the point behind --target-dir?
> Sorry for the puzzlement...


It makes a tremendous difference if you have to fork/exec one program 
per file for, say, 100,000 files. Or (-t here) about 10 instances doing 
10,000 files.

If you only do something for a few files, like 100 or so, just type the 
one thats easier to type. When you do something with thousands or 
millions of files reducing fork/exec-load will make a huge difference 
perfomance wise.

Bis denn

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