gnu --target-dir, how to fake with rsync?

Sam throwit1 at
Fri Oct 9 22:22:11 MDT 2009

On Fri, Oct 09, 2009 at 11:42:06PM +0000, Andrew Gideon wrote:
> On Mon, 05 Oct 2009 12:47:54 -0400, Sanjeev Sharma wrote:
> > They added the option to get cp & mv working well with xargs
> What happened to the -I option to xargs?  This permits one to do the 
> replacement anywhere on the command line being repeated.
> 	- Andrew

As far as I know it's still there, it's what I used to do

<generate a list> | xargs -n1 -itarg mv targ /home/destination/dir

limits you to 1 argument per invocation (or 2 or 3 if you type a lot of "-i" clauses) 

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