Filter file: selected directories only

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Fri Oct 9 10:54:10 MDT 2009

Well, I must say that this must by bone by rsync.
That's because I'm creating small automation system,
part of it is rsync-based.
Yes, I can write "rm -r dirB/dir2", but this will break consitency
of the whole system and removes some features that I need.

I do need to delete dirs and files by rsync filter.

>> I want to delete "dirB/dir2/" only. Not "dirB/protect1" or any other
>> file or dir in "dirB/".
>> What sort of filter I must create?
> "rm -r dirB/dir2"?  I don't think I understand your point here.
>> Where can I find example filter files for complicated cases?
> There are a few examples scattered throughout the man page, but I don't
> know of any really good tutorial.
> --
> Matt

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