gnu --target-dir, how to fake with rsync?

Sanjeev Sharma throwit1 at
Mon Oct 5 10:47:54 MDT 2009

Is this in rsync and I just can't find it, or if not, is there a way
to fake this OR, third possibility, is anyone working to add it?

For those who've never used this option - for the GNU cp & mv type
commands they have the

option.  It lets you put the destination directory as the first
argument to cp and mv instead of the last argument.

They added the option to get cp & mv working well with xargs  for
stuff like this:

find ./ -type file -mindepth 3 -print0 | xargs -r0 cp
--target-dir=/home/sam/stuff/otherstuff/morestuff --

then xargs puts all of the files found by find after the --

Before I learned about this argument I used to do stuff like the "-i"
and "-n" options
find ./ -type file -mindepth 3 -print0 | xargs -r0 -iTARGET -n1 cp
TARGET  /home/sam/stuff/otherstuff/morestuff

Which limits xargs to doing one file per invocation.

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