inplace (and append) support for partial-dir

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Mon Oct 5 09:24:31 MDT 2009


I frequently rsync larger files from my rented server to my PC.
Sometimes I have to stop the rsync process and restart it a while after
(e.g. I'm shutting down my PC for the night, ...), sometimes several times
per source file.
I like the two following features:
(1) The unfinished files should stay in a own directory (I call it '.dl').
I'm talking here about the 'temp' and 'partial' file.
(2) Finished files should be moved to a specific directory.
(3) If an interrupted rsync process gets restarted the partial/temp files
(in '.dl') should be used and changed in place.

I know I can get (1) and (2) by using the '--temp-dir' and '--partial-dir' 
options appropriately. (3) alone can be done using the '--inplace' option.
However this options don't mix in the current rsync version.
In my opinion this is because the '--inplace' option is taken to literary.
Together with the '--partial-dir' option its meaning should change to:
"Change the partial (or temp) file in place and move it once it is
finished." I see no technical reason why this should not work out. The same
could be done for the '--append' option.

At the moment I'm using the following to do the above: I rsync with
'--inplace' directly into the '.dl' partial/temp directory, which takes care
of (1) and (3). Once the files are finished a script is copying them into
the final destination directory. This works but it is a little messy,
because the script must figure out which files got rsync'ed.

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