--compare-dest and empty directories

Albert Chin rsync at mlists.thewrittenword.com
Fri Oct 2 02:21:30 MDT 2009

With rsync-3.0.6 on a Solaris 10/x86 system:
  $ mkdir /opt/s/c
  $ cd /opt/s/c
  $ gtar zxf rsync-3.0.6.tar.gz
  $ mkdir /opt/s/o
  $ rsync -aHv rsync-3.0.6 /opt/s/o
  $ mkdir /opt/s/o2
  $ cd /opt/s/o/rsync-3.0.6
  $ echo foo >configure
  $ rsync -aHv --compare-dest=/opt/s/c /opt/s/o/rsync-3.0.6 /opt/s/o2
  $ cd /opt/s/o2
  $ find .

Is there a way, with --compare-dest, to perform the transfer without
creating empty directories? What I want is:
  $ find .

albert chin (china at thewrittenword.com)

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