DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6927] Add a --fat option to ignore 1-second time diffs, ownership, hard links, symlinks, etc.

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Fri Nov 27 23:21:01 MST 2009

------- Comment #2 from matt at  2009-11-28 00:20 CST -------
This could probably be implemented as a popt alias rather than in the rsync
program itself.  Some specific comments:

(In reply to comment #0)
> *  Maybe it should also ignore files whose times differ by exactly 3600 or 3601
> seconds too.  This would help when rsyncing files created near the time of the
> daylight savings time switchover.

That is a hack.

> *  Ignore ownership, hard links, symlinks, etc.  This will reduce useless
> errors shown.  Also it will prevent rsync returning an error exit code when
> nothing bad actually happened.

Realize that the default is to ignore all of those things, so their inclusion
in --fat would be useful only to override -a.  Some people seem to get in the
habit of using -a all the time regardless of whether they really want the
options it contains.

I'm not interested in having --fat in the main version of rsync, but the
decision is Wayne's.

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