rsync of STDIN to a file.

Mark Young mark_young at
Thu Nov 19 06:14:05 MST 2009


I am hoping that rsync may be able to improve an existing network backup I've got:

tar czf - --files-from $FILE_LIST | ssh -i $AUTH -l $USER $HOST "cat > ${DEST}/${SOURCE}_${FILE}.tgz"

You can see that this backup uses tar to create a single compressed archive and store it on a remote host using ssh. It occurred to me that it might be possible to use rsync. I'm hoping rsync could be told to capture STDIN and treat it as a single file that it would then sync with the named file at the remote end. Perhaps something like this:

tar czf - --files-from $FILE_LIST | rsync - $HOST:${BACKUP_FILE}

I've been unable to find any reference to rsync being used in this fashion. Can anyone tell me whether this is possible today, and if not whether it might be considered for a future version?

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