DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3392] fuzzy misbehaving if source is a file

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Thu Nov 12 21:16:03 MST 2009

------- Comment #13 from matt at  2009-11-12 22:16 CST -------
I rediscovered this bug just now and thought I would comment on what happened
so it doesn't stand as a blemish on the community.

Wayne and Egmont disagreed on the merits of the request for --fuzzy to search
--*-dest dirs.  That's perfectly normal.  What isn't normal is the
miscommunication about the status of the request.  Wayne wanted it to be filed
as a separate ticket, a decision that I would generally grant developers the
prerogative to make, but he never came out and said so explicitly until comment
#11.  Egmont considered it to be permanently within the scope of this ticket
because it was stated in comment #0 and perceived that Wayne was simply trying
to bury the issue, hence the reopen battle and the dissatisfaction with the
FIXED resolution as expressed in comment #12.

Wayne, if you had stated your desire to separate the issues in comment #6, the
onus would have been on Egmont to file the enhancement request separately
before proceeding, and the discussion could have proceeded there, perhaps with
fervent disagreement and a WONTFIX decision but without acrimony.  I would
encourage both reporters and developers to avoid a repeat of this situation by
considering, before a repeated reopen or resolution, whether there might be a
simple miscommunication at fault.

Note that I went ahead and entered the enhancement as bug 4056 at the time, and
it remains open.

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