Does files-from work with --delete?

Philip Pokorny ppokorny at
Thu Nov 12 21:11:45 MST 2009

> That feature exists in the current development rsync, under the name
> --delete-missing-args.
> =====
> OK, so I got the latest HEAD snapshot and it compiles, but it doesn't
> pass all the built-in tests.

Currently, the tests pass for me.  We would appreciate your help in
figuring out why they aren't passing for you so the problem can be
corrected, but that's a separate issue.

=== I uploaded the testtmp directory contents with the logs and results to:

Perhaps it will be immediately obvious what went wrong, but I can't tell without learning more about your test harness why these three tests failed:

batch-mode  chmod-option  daemon-gzip-upload

> How confident are you in the current state of 3.1.0.pre and the
> nightly snapshots?  Should I be concerned about running this on
> production data?

Not confident.  The best approach for now is probably to backport the
--delete-missing-args changes to 3.0.6.  I've done so for you, here:;h=refs/heads/hacks/missing-args-v3.0.6

=== Oh, that's awesome.  Thank you!

I'll apply that and try it.

Phil P.
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