does it make sense to run rsync over ftp (curlftpfs)?

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Tue Nov 10 00:40:09 MST 2009


Like on any other mounting system, if you run rsync over a mounted ftp  
volume, it won't be able to save you a lot of bandwidth with the delta  
algorithm as it's not running on both sides of the link.

In another hand, if bandwidth is not your problem, with this method  
rsync should (to be confirmed by an expert, what I am not) still use  
incremental updates on your files if your ftp volume support append or  
other file modification function that rsync needs.

Running rsync on both ends is the most optimized way to do it. But I  
feel like you don't have the choice of the other side setup.



Le 10 nov. 09 à 05:14, Kent Tong a écrit :

> Hi,
> It seems to work but very slowly. I guess it's because rsync has to  
> read the
> complete file content
> on the remote host, so does it make any sense at all to do it over  
> FTP?
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