DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6881] New: --bwlimit option uses KiB/s, but is documented as (what amounts to) kB/s

Jamie Lokier jamie at
Mon Nov 9 12:05:12 MST 2009

samba-bugs at wrote:
> Given that this is a network transfer rate, it'd be more proper (and
> consistent with other applications) to change the function to work
> in SI kilobytes per second (i.e. use 1000 instead of 1024), but
> that's backwards-incompatible. If you'd like to go this route, I can
> prepare a patch to that effect.

I agree, SI kilobytes are more appropriate for network transfer rates.
I doubt if anyone seriously depends on the 2.4% difference or even
noticed it, and would encourage changing the code to SI kilos rather
then the documentation to kibis.

-- Jamie

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