max file size

Matt McCutchen matt at
Mon Nov 9 09:48:35 MST 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-09 at 11:43 +0100, Heinz-Josef Claes wrote:
> does anybody know what's the maximum file size (terabytes?) when using rsync 
> with options --checksum and / or --inplace?
> What file sizes have been tested in reality? Are there any experiences using 
> rsync (with --checksum and / or --inplace) for big files with several / dozens 
> or terabytes?

I don't believe rsync has a fixed maximum size other than "what can fit
in 64 bits", but I can't speak to any reliability issues that might come
up with extremely large files.

For what purpose are you considering --checksum?  In the case where the
file's size hasn't changed (probably true for large image files), it
will add an extra full read of the file on both sides before the
transfer begins, which would be very expensive for multi-terabyte files.


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