dup error of rsync 3.0.6-1 under cygwin 1.7.0-62 and 63

Eliot Moss moss at cs.umass.edu
Sun Nov 8 10:36:34 MST 2009

I have used earlier rsync on cygwin successfully for a
long. I have now moved to cygwin 1.7.0, which required
moving to rsync 3.0.6-1 at the same time. (The -1 is
for minor cygwin-specific patches.)

When I do almost any command with rsync, such as the one
below, it breaks at a dup2 after a fork in pipe.c (routine
piped_child). Windows gives error code 6, which is translated
by cygwin to errno 9 = EBADF, and rsync then terminates.

rsync -avzuP foo roc:talks/


rsync -r .

fails the same way, though it does not need a network

Steven Monai suggests that the problem may be a mismatch
in protocol (30 versus 29), though I think the last command
scuttles that possibility. I think it has something to do
with cygwin, since cygwin 1.5 seemed ok, but it could be
a combination of changes un rsync and cygwin ...

Best wishes -- Eliot Moss
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