error in logging (version 3.1.0)

Carlos Carvalho carlos at
Fri Nov 6 19:36:50 MST 2009

I use rsync -ii so that it logs *all* actions. Further, I don't use
any delete option but use --force. This means that if there's a name
collision rsync deletes files or directories. Here's an example:

0 0        *deleting   rwxrwsr-x 1969/12/31-21:00:00 scm/linux/kernel/git/amit/vs-kernel.git/objects/38
0 0        *deleting   rwxrwsr-x 1969/12/31-21:00:00 scm/linux/kernel/git/amit/vs-kernel.git/objects

Therefore I didn't expect to find any of these directories after the
sync is finished. However I get:

% ls scm/linux/kernel/git/amit/vs-kernel.git/objects
09  15  2d  82  a8  bc  cf  e0  ff

It might be that for some reason rsync created the directory again.
BUT *no other lines* with
scm/linux/kernel/git/amit/vs-kernel.git/objects appear in the log. So
we have two possibilities: either rsync lied and didn't delete the
directory, or it created it again and didn't tell it in the log.

That's a pretty bad bug, because it means logs are not reliable...
Much of our rsync usage depends on the accuracy of the logs (with -ii).

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