Help With File transfer of files named "Apple*" + Lacie 5Big RAID

Jameson Giebler jgiebler at
Tue Mar 31 18:45:06 GMT 2009

Hello Rsync Community,

I have been using rsync for several years to backup servers across an  
array of different areas.

I have run into a new problem that I cannot find an answer for.
We just recently purchased a Lacie 5Big Network RAID: 
  for one organization.

We set up a test server to start backing up to this RAID via AFP. The  
server is a Mac Intel XSERVE running Leopard 10.5.6.
We are rsync'ing an internal volume of staff users to the AFP share  
via this command set nightly.
#set -xv; exec 1>~/Desktop/out 2>&1

if [ -d /Volumes/Backup ]
	umount "/Volumes/Backup"
	sleep 2

if [ ! -d /Volumes/Backup ]
	mkdir /Volumes/Backup
	mount_afp afp:// /Volumes/ 

mkdir -p /Volumes/Backup/Staff_Backup

date=`date "+%Y-%m-%d"`
rsync -rltP --exclude-from /main_backup_excludes.txt --link-dest=/ 
Volumes/Backup/Staff_Backup/current /Volumes/st1/Staff/ /Volumes/ 
rm /Volumes/Backup/Staff_Backup/current
ln -s /Volumes/Backup/Staff_Backup/back-$date /Volumes/Backup/ 

The script has run fine via SSH and other AFP shares in the past.  
However, as of now with the 5Big it does not.
Every time we run the script (or any derivative of rsync on this  
directory) and it reaches a file that begins with the word "apple" or  
"Apple" it will hang
When watching the output it will just simply set there on that file  
and not continue. We have left it setting for about 8 hours just to see.

Once we rename the file to something like "1apple" or "Appl" or  
"Bpple" it will transfer and continue. We have not seen this problem  
with any other AFP backups to other brands of AFP shares we have used.
For now we are excluding Apple* from the backups so that they will  
continue. Everything seems to be working just fine (Other than a huge  
chunk of missing Apple* files)
NOTE: It does not have this problem on Folders that are named "Apple".  
Just Files

Here is the e-mail I received from Lacie when I asked about this issue:
Quote Lacie:
I apologize, as advised previously, if the issue is just with the  
rsync software, I won't be able to determine what the issue it is  
having. The drive itself is operating appropriately if you are not  
having a problem manually transferring over the same files. I  
apologize but I don't have anything I could advise doing to the 5Big,  
since it works in a supported fashion, nor do I have anything for the  
rsync software.
End Quote Lacie

Any advice or help on this crazy issue would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Jameson Giebler

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