is it possible to continue rsync after network interruption?

Larry Irwin mkitwrk at
Tue Mar 31 14:29:46 GMT 2009

If you check the output and see that it failed, you can run the process 
again and it will pick up (after re-building the lists) where it left off.
There is some overhead for the list rebuild and checking the hash's of the 
previously updated files, but it is minimal.
This is the method I use to generate the initial image of a client 
Just keep running the rsync process over and over until the first image is 
Then the process reduces to a minimal transfer/execution time from that 
point forward.
Especially when using the --link-dest option...

Hope that helps!
Larry Irwin

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Subject: is it possible to continue rsync after network interruption?

>I rsync a remote destination which has a daily network interruption of 
> about 5 minutes.
> Is it possible to configure rsync to wait in such a case this 5 minutes 
> and
> continue the rsync as soon as the network connection is established again?
> I use rsyncd with perl::rsync (backuppc) through a ssh tunnel.
> Thanks
> Matthias
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