best rsync for use with windows (client) and long file names

dnk d.k.emaillists at
Fri Mar 27 15:03:58 GMT 2009

On 27-Mar-09, at 1:13 AM, Fabian Cenedese wrote:

> The delta algorithm is only used if you access a remote server
> (e.g. with server::dest/path). For local syncs it is usually faster
> to just copy the whole file than to reconstruct it from the old
> file plus differences. There are switches to ease this behaviour
> a bit (like change dest in-file instead of copying it, append at
> the end) but unless you know what you're doing you should keep
> the defaultbehavior.

Hmmm i never realized that before. Probably because i pretty much  
never use it for local. I only was to ensure my folder structure was  
going to be proper for my remote server.

Now obviously, the delta algorithm would then be used in a command like:

rsync -av -e ssh /my/folder user at

I noticed in your command example that you had "::" - what does that  
signify? Is it any different that my single ":"?

Thank you in advance.


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