Rsync : weird behavior on CentOS 5.2

Vnpenguin vnpenguin at
Thu Mar 26 18:38:05 GMT 2009

Hi all,
I'm using rsync 2.6.8 on CentOS 5.2 (i386). Here is my command to
backup from one disk to other (both in ext3):

rsync -av --delete /BAK/backup/a /DISK_B/

rsync runs for some second and stops without any error message on the
console. By opening another console, I see:

# ps -ef | grep rsync
qqq       6095  5432  5 19:24 pts/1    00:00:01 rsync -av --delete
/BAK/backup/a /DISK_B/
qqq       6096  6095  0 19:24 pts/1    00:00:00 rsync -av --delete
/BAK/backup/a /DISK_B/
qqq       6097  6096  6 19:24 pts/1    00:00:01 rsync -av --delete
/BAK/backup/a /DISK_B/

I don't know why I have three processes now ? I have to "kill -9" many
times to get stop all rsync process.

I tried to build new release 3.0.5, but again I have the same problem.

Any idea for help ?

Thank you,

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