"rsync --delete" won't delete certain files

Peter Daum gator_ml at yahoo.de
Mon Mar 23 10:37:53 GMT 2009


Izidor Jerebic wrote:

> Are there any errors while doing the rsync?
> I have recently discovered that to create identical copy on mac os x (in 
> the presence of any errors), you need to additionally specify 
> --ignore-errors  and --force-delete, otherwise nothing will be deleted 
> (it seems that as soon as any error is encountered, delete is switched 
> off).

There is no indication that anything might be wrong - until the last backup
failed because the space was exhausted and I investigated, how this could
happen, I was confident to have an identical copy of my data on the 2nd
drive (A pretty unsettling thought ...)

For some reason, rsync 3.x just does not seem to think it should delete
those files ...


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