Weird rsync or shell problem? at at
Sat Mar 21 18:23:58 GMT 2009

I got an issue using rsync that might not be related to rsync at all. But please let me explain.
I am using  rsync in a script to synchronize two Volumes. So far so good this is an easy task.
I set up a cron job to do it on a regular schedule.

What happens is, there is a difference in the result between running the script straight form the shell or by cron.

If done by cron some signs got converted.
Running straight on shell rsync copies these kind of files:
SCHNITT/Render Files/*Vorlage Bleskin_990101_NB_n-tv/Vorlage Blesk-FIN-0000000b

Running by cron, rsync exchanges the sign *:
SCHNITT/Render Files/#342#200#242Vorlage Bleskin_990101_NB_n-tv/Vorlage Blesk-FIN-0000000b

I got no clue at all where that comes from. Please help.

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