RsyncFTP: Graphical user interface for rsync (announcement)

Wiesner Thomas thomas at
Sat Mar 21 11:35:40 GMT 2009

Questions about where to find graphical user interfaces for rsync occur 

Most of the existing GUIs are king of backup tools, but I needed 
something different, somthing more like FTP.

I wrote RsyncFTP for my own usage. It is a rsync client (for rsync 
servers running in daemon mode) written in Java which looks and behaves 
like a FTP client and has been tested on Win2k, WinXP (and somewhat on a 
current Ubuntu).

You can find it at

It is not intended for the end user up to now (and may never be as I'm
satisfied with the current result). If you try it, be sure to read the
README and RELEASE_NOTES. (Really, you should do that for security reasons.)

I'm not sure if it is allowed to annouce rsync related software here. If 
not, please let me know.

Feel free to mail me suggestions and bugs if you want.

    Hope some of you find it useful

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