Problem with exclude folders

Mirko Hufnagel mirko at
Thu Mar 19 15:26:43 GMT 2009

Hi rsync list!

I have a problem with the exclude-from and include-from options.

I want sync all jpeg files to an external server - exclude HK and texts 
folders and jpg inside this folders.

My folder structure are:


my include-from file:


my exclude-from file:


my rsync command:

rsync -rvz -W --force --size-only --delete --delete-excluded 
--include-from=/etc/rsyncfiles.txt --exclude-from=/etc/rsyncexcludes.txt 
  -e 'ssh -C -p 1000' '/srv/fileserver/products/current product range' 

Problem 1) all jpeg are copied to the external server - also the jpegs 
from HK folders. But I only want jpegs from the EU and other folders.

Problem 2) an empty texts folder was created on the external server - 
but I don't want this.

Is there any solution for my 2 problems? I invest now over 5 hours to 
google, rtfm and "try and error" - but I think im too stupid to find the 
right way.

Many many thanks!

Mirko Hufnagel

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