Rsyncd and Environmental Paths

lewis butler lbutler+rsync at
Tue Mar 17 06:04:52 GMT 2009

On 16-Mar-2009, at 14:43, Jerome Hollon wrote:
> I have this in my rsync.conf
> [backup]
>    path = /home/$USER/backup
>    use chroot = no
>    monge symlinks = no
>    uid = wendell
>    gid = wendell
>    read only = no
>    list = yes
>    auth users = wendell
>    secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets
> But rsync doesn't seem to interpret the $USER. I've also tried this  
> with $HOME and '~' with no luck.

Yeah, that's never going to work.

> I want to be able to back up to the folder 'backup' that will be in  
> the users homefolder when a user is backing up remotely to the rsync  
> daemon.

but the user is 'wendell' so put in the path to wendell's home.

rsync.conf doesn't support calls out to authentication modules, so  
there's no way to make this work.  If you want each user to be able to  
access their own backup location, you need a block for each user:

  path = /home/wendell/backup

  path = /home/wallacebackup

  path = /home/gromit/backup

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