Rsync Over SSH (Windows XP)

henri henri at
Sat Mar 14 00:34:43 GMT 2009

Firstly, if this the wrong place to ask this question or if this  
question is inappropriate then please accept my sincere apologies.

I am seeking advice regarding the backup of an Windows XP machine.

I have used rsync for years and believe it to be an absolutely amazing  
tool on *NIX systems.

Recently, I was asked the following question, relating to the backup  
of Windows system :
> <cut>I don't have any idea about how much time we need to get  
> LBackup to work on windows platform. Do you have any ideas?</cut>

When it comes to the configuration of rsync over SSH on Windows XP I  
am a complete newbie. Therefore, I am turning to the collective  
experience of this mailing list in order to gain insight into whether  
using rsync to transfer files from a Windows system (for backup) is  
good practice?

In essence I would like to determine if rsync a good choice when it  
comes to the backup of files on a Windows XP machine?

Suggestions such as the following will all be warmly welcomed :

(1) Do not run rsync over ssh, keep it simple.
(2) Do not use rsync on Windows XP.
(3) Try xyz commercial solution/service instead, it works great!
(4) Use xyz open source solution it is fantastic!
(4) It works but it is difficult, prepare your self for punishment.
(5) No problem, just follow these instructions you will be running in  
1 day.
(6) It works, just make sure you install the xyz patch.
(7) Not enough information, it depends on various other factors.

I am aware that there is the popular "Cygwin" project which provides a  
super simple way of installing both rsync and OpenSSH on Windows  

Also, a quick search, turned up the following thread in the rsync mail  
archives :
> I have created a new version of my old rsync+ssh package for  
> windows. This is a really simple 3-file implementation, just rsync,  
> ssh, and the cygwin1.dll. You don't need the full cygwin  
> installation, nor the /usr, /bin, /home etc. file structure.

In addition, there are countless software utilities and services  
available (including commercial offerings) for backing up Windows  
systems. In your opinion how do these other offerings stack up against  
rsync, even if they use rsync or the rsync algorithm behind the scenes  
to transfer files?

Again, if this is simply the wrong place to ask this question simply  
let me know.

Thank you so much for your assistance with my query and for producing  
such an amazing piece of software. Rsync v3 is just great!

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