DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6175] write last transfer status when timeout or other error happens

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Mon Mar 9 01:05:28 GMT 2009

------- Comment #2 from matt at  2009-03-08 20:05 CST -------
Rsync does leave the progress line on the screen, but ssh is printing the
"Timeout, server not responding" message that overwrites it.  Rsync could
simply reprint the most recent progress line, beginning with \r, just before
reporting loss of the connection.  With no intervening ssh message, this would
back up and overwrite the existing progress line with the same text; with an
intervening message, the output would look like this:

Timeout, server not responding.  0:33:42
   222804096  40%   94.66kB/s    0:33:42

Wayne, what do you think?

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