DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3925] rsync is unable to sync large (approx 4G) sparse files

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------- Comment #9 from sberthelot at  2009-03-06 11:15 CST -------
Using 3.0.4 here on same machine to copy a huge (40GB) sparse file it stops on
exactly 32G.

I'm using rsync -S src dst. Without the -S option it completes at the correct
size. I do not have either a warning nor an error even when the destination
file has an incorrect size !

Timing with cp on the same hardware and same conditions:

time rsync -S /Storage1/mail1.diskimg /Storage2/mail1.diskimg.backup 

real    15m12.434s
user    5m42.237s
sys     7m8.176s
(with wrong file size)

time cp --sparse=always /Storage1/mail1.diskimg /Storage2/mail1.diskimg.backup

real    6m32.121s
user    0m8.414s
sys     2m45.551s

This is a KVM disk image so the file should have quite long sparse zones.

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